We came 2nd in 29 states, we won 12 states; you can see it’s a clear win – Anthony Adefuye


According to Anthony Adefuye, APC chairman, they came second in 29 states and won in 12, indicating that it was a decisive victory.

Anthony Adefuye made the comment during an interview with TVC on the Politics Tonight programme, when he was asked if they were concerned about their victory being challenged before the Presidential Tribunal, or if they were optimistic about victory.

Anthony Adefuye answered by saying,

“I am confident we will triumph because we have done nothing wrong, we have not abused any INEC legacy, and so on.” Everyone can see that it was a clear victory. We lost Lagos without arguing, and then, at the end of the day, when you add it all up,

“We finished second in 29 states and first in 12, so it was a clear victory.” It was not modified in any way. So I am extremely optimistic that we will prevail before the tribunal. Very self-assured. We took no action… You know Buhari, he was a very plain and honest President, he wouldn’t and didn’t do any manipulation…”

“If there were manipulation, we wouldn’t lose Lagos, lost so many important places. If there were manipulation, we wouldn’t lose Osun.

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