Good leadership reflect from their action.


The crowned winner of the Edo State election which was held on Saturday, 19th September 2020 showed his gratitude to fellow Edo State residents who came out to vote with good heart and not follow the biased set up.

Governor Obaseki’s supportive positive group sent series of graphical images to show their gratitude for voting them into their man of vision office. It was recorded as they celebrate the undisputed victory of the People’s Democratic Party as their man of vision, Governor Obaseki won the election and despite all efforts to buy people’s vote to other parties, the honourable people of Edo State used their good mind to vote the man who is right for them.

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With all good heart, Governor Godwin Obaseki promised to make the Edo people proud to elect him into office. Obaseki showed a true act of leadership by sending regards and gratitude to the honourable people of Benin who neglected all the biased move from the opposing parties who tried to make the election a corrupt one but with God and the loyal people Benin on the side of Obaseki, PDP was able to win this election and no rigging was done as they follow up their vote to ensure that the man they voted for truly get that crown.

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