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Why is Nigerian government biased?

How long will Nigeria continue to be a biased and injustice nation?

After all the viral confession of how Don Davies was victimized by the senior students at his school, and also the national television such as AIT and others also pick the news too.

It was accounted that the commission for education had the right to call Don Davies’ mother and set a panel in her office to intimidate her.

The most disappointing part of the meeting was the fact that this corrupt commission was more concerned about the office and the reputation of this failed government.

The question is “if Nigeria was to be a good country, why is it taking too much time to prosecute the suspects and charge them all for justice sake?”

It is so ugly that even the parents who were present at the meeting, set up by the Commissioner also raged at Don Davies’ mother, trying to beat her, just because she spoke up against the assault and injustice done to her son.

If in a democratic country like Nigeria, yet citizens have no right to speak up the truth and say “No” to injustice.

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It has been accounted that Don’t Davies’ mother’s phone has been retrieved from her, so in case you see anything that speaks opposite of what is happening, just know that it is the propaganda of the government and the politicians who are all about protecting their wickedness.

When these wicked and biased government knew that the whole world, including America is watching, then why do they still do foolish things and think that the smoke of their injustice and mismanagement of power won’t escape through the basket of corrupt and oppression which they are using against people?

Here is the video on the update about Don Davies’ mother.

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