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We are not NYDP, we are YDPN

Finally, the Youth Democratic Party of Nigeria (YDPN) came out to say that thet are not NYDP.

According to their minute of meeting last week, they came out to address their members that they are not NYDP, simply because NYDP is another youth political party.

Here was the minute of their meeting…

Our movement remains YDPN Not NYDP. 

Our attention has been drawn towards the unwarranted change of name and acronym and the inscription on the logo of this movement from YDPN To NYDP. 

After receiving series of complains from concerned youths and citizens of the country, the National Standing Committee of this movement took a careful look at the matter and investigations where carried out accordingly, hence our findings. 

1) NYDP Is an Acronym standing for Nigerian Youths Democratic Party and at the same time, National youths Democratic Party.

2) the said NYDP Is Divided into two conflicting groups, Nigerian Youth Democratic Party and National Youths Democratic Party (NYDP) 

3) You can recall that an E-voting was conducted by the said NYDP to decide whether or not to go by the name National or Nigerian Youth Democratic Party. 

After the elections, the said groups became rivals amongst themselves. 

4) The said NYDP Has copied the logo of our movement with all it’s styles to woo our members who are not careful enough to Acertain our differences. 

5) recall that there were series of complaints about money exthortion from members at Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna in the name of our movement, to issue membership registration. This was the frame work of the said NYDP and our investing panel have the names of the master minds of these mischievous acts accordingly. 

6) The said NYDP Can not stand on their own so they have agents everywhere on social media, looking for preys to fall victim of their financial fraudulence.

7) they have on many occasions shared links to their various mischievous groups here and on other platforms, in the name of YDPN and when you get to them you discover it is a different thing entirely. 

8) They have coordinators and a chairman and all other offices necessary for a movement, and their ideologies are base on exthortion. They also have spies amongst us. 

Decision of House. 

The House Standing Committee after interferring with the NYDP and seen that they have refused drastically to join us in one house in pursuit of this goal, 

We wish to inform you that…

1) We the members of YDPN Have not merged our political movement with any party and our name and acronym remains YOUTHS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF NIGERIA (YDPN) Not NIGERIAN YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY Nor NATIONAL YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NYDP)

1) the said NYDP movement is not geniun and anyone following them is on his own.

All groups bearing NYDP should be closed with Immediate effect. 

2) we request our good members of YDPN Who have joined their social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook pages, Telegram groups) e.t.c 

To vacate those groups with Immediate effect. 

3) all members who have sent money to them for membership registration or anything should screenshot the evidence of payment and present to us, via three admins and moderators on this platform.

4) report any post you notice about NYDP on this platform.

5) the State Coodinator of Rivers State has been suspended for conspiring with NYDP To cause confusion to the people of Rivers State and refusal to be on the same page with YDPN.

6) the house standing committee wishes to inform members to be patient with us as all modalities will be put in place soon to get a

a. National Chairman 

b. Constitution

C. An official website

d. An official bank account 

e. A Slogan and

f. Proceed to have the party registered by INEC Soon. 

Warm regards,

House Standing Committee 


This has proved the kind of spirit and motivation behind this said unapproved youth political party, because if they could dictate words like this, it shows that they are coming with authoritative oppression, as they want to be the only flagged party, while others should be scrapped out.

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This same game is what the two most recognized oppressive political parties in Nigeria, APC and PDP respectively have being playing to silence all opposition.

Everything in life is given the free-will to make choice, not to mandate things and make it be “choose this and never try to choose another”.

Should this be the move from the said unapproved political party that the youths tend to create?

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