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Trend went wrong

Styling and trends went wrong as a young lady narrowly escaped death.

It was recorded and trendy on the social media as the video went viral, a clip of a young lady who had a gold attachment on her head to extend the length of her hair to her thigh, and her hair got caught up in the wheel of motorcycle.

It was a narrow escape for a young lady who boarded a motorcycle and as the motorcyclist was about to take off, her hair got entangled in the back wheel of the motorcycle, as it pulled her hair before she called for help. Passersby came into the scene to help her release her hair from the trap of the wheel.

It was a narrow escape for her, else if the motorcyclist had taken a higher speed, her neck would have either be broken or her head might have been chopped off because the entangling will be done based on the speed of the wheel.

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It should be a lesson to all women to watch out for the fashion they involve themselves with, it’s not compulsory to follow after someone’s else style to risk your own life in ignorance.


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