The reason why a new era must emerge in Nigeria.


A lot of revolution have being stirring up in Nigeria since the month of October, which brought about the #EndSARS protest, which gave birth to #EndPoliceBrutality protest, before it switched to #EndBadGovernance protest which became a threat to the government of Nigeria, because they all knew that they are indeed guilty of bad governance.

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This revolution was originally a peaceful practice, before the politicians of Nigerian hired hoodlums to hijack it, so they can tag the peaceful protest as a violent action, to curb the intelligent youths from crying for a better nation.

The government of Nigeria succeeded in deploying armed soldiers who were meant to be sent to face Boko Haram and curb their terror against the citizens of this country, as these soldiers shot at unarmed innocent youths who were holding just cardboards, banners and national flag.

It is so shameful that when the imposter of the president gave a speech, he never mentioned about the Lekki Toll Gate massacre, but gave an indirect threat to all protestors, and made them understand that he is not done killing the youths yet, which gave the Inspection General of Police the right to tag “protest” as an act of violence.

Img 20201208 wa0003 the reason why a new era must emerge in nigeria.

With an interview session with Comrade Olanrewaju Oretoluwa, Founder/Executive Director of Omoluabi Youths Empowerment Initiative, OYEI Resource Center, he gave a powerful statement…

The ruling class are taking the rest of us for a fool because:

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1) those who’re supposed to speak have always remained silent and aloof.

2) The masses have remained quite uninterested and too divided to act.

3) Those who attempted to speak in the past, have been lured and compromised by the endemically corrupt ruling class.

These are the key reasons why a new generation of Nigerians who are willing and ready to speak; solidly united, savvy, bold, courageous and uncompromising, out of patriotism and eternal love for motherland, emerged to rescue their motherland from the evil grip of Hawks.

However, the old hawks rolled out their tanks to decimate the young patriots. They feel elated and triumphant over their wickedness and barbarism. But unknown to them, they have only succeeded in STIRRING THE HORNET’S NEST. This is because the next generation will not only be UNITED and UNCOMPROMISING, they will also be DARING and UNSTOPPABLE. Only a question of time.

I believe that this government have a cargo of questions to answer, that is why they are still hiding behind the power they hold to silence the awaken youths. Or to what reason will the House of Representatives call the president out to speak to them and till today, they haven’t seen the wheel of his presidential car, stroll into the premises by mistake while a vulcanizer is pumping it?

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This country need to face the reality of standing strong in unity, else these wicked government will use the power of religion and tribalism to divide us and get us all under their spell.



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