Strange things happening

The State Police Command in Imo State has arrested a woman named Joy Amadin for intentionally stabbing her 24-year-old lesbian daughter, Happiness Amadin whom she caught in bed with a fellow girl.

The Imo State Public Relations Officer said the case is currently being investigated

According to the report, her mother became angry and she went beyond control when she caught her in the bed with another girl.

Her daughter Happiness had a great argument with her mother, saying she would not get married to a man because she was more comfortable with a fellow girl and ended up slapping her mum

The mother said, “I wounded her out of annoyance, I caught her in the act with a fellow lady while they were making out in bed then I asked her while she participates in such acts.

She disclosed to me that she is into ladies , and proudly a lesbian, before slapping me severely and disgracefully. I cut her with the knife, which I was using to strip a mango, and stabbed her”.

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