Strange as a witch doctor mentioned Nigerian Pastors as his clients.

witch doctor

Popular Ghanaian witch doctor which is said to be the most powerful Witch Doctor in Ghana drops a bombshell that got everybody confused, on how Christian pastors are having dark powers and pretending to be servants of God.

The witch doctor in an interview with their local television station in Ghana, he mentioned the names of 4 Nigerian top pastors, in which himself (who gave them this black voodoo power) is also afraid of them both physically and spiritually, and he also mentioned the names of three of them, who do come to him for powers.


The popular witch doctor shocked the masses with his confession about these respected so-called Christian pastors who tagged themselves as men of God but use dark powers for backup.


Chief Naatia Salifu on that interview with the local television programme mentioned some known Nigerian Pastors, whom he is so much afraid of and also mentioned some of them who comes to him for spiritual powers to do miracles and make more money.


Chief Naatia who is well respected and considered as the most powerful witch doctor in the world made mention of these pastors names without been afraid of any of them, according to him he has prove to defend himself if called upon. The first pastor he mentioned was the founder of living faith church.

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1. Pastor David oyedepo of the living faith Church, according to Chief Naatia is a gifted man of God that is sent by God and has been tested both physical and spiritual, I’ m very very afraid of him because he is the most powerful and fearless man of God Nigeria has.


2. Pastor Paul Eneche of the Dunamis Church, according to him he recognised pastor Paul as a young but very powerful man of God which no forces of the enemy can temper with him he possesses very strong power of God that cannot be compared to any.


3. Apostle Sulaiman saying he is also a very respected man of God that cannot be tempered with in the spirit realm, he went further to say that the have tried to bring him down in all means but could not.

4. Pastor Adeboye saying that this particular man of God is a grand father of Nigeria that he solicits for Nigeria a lot in the spirit realm, he said he respects Pastor Adeboye so very much.

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The witch doctor who also said that the are many of the Nigerian pastors he has helped with charms to succeed in their various Ministries, some of them have been caught and exposed because they didn’t follow the instructions of the spirit he gave to them.


According to him he said that the are 3 of some popular Nigerian pastors that time will not allowed him to mention names, but the are very popular in Nigeria now that comes to Ghana every week to renew their powers before Sunday service. These pastors know themselves, time will not permit me but all what I say here is the truth and I’ m ready to defend it any day and anytime.


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