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Oppression from the national friend

It is so sad to see how the Ikeja Electric officials oppress their customers, bring them estimated bill, bully them and extort them, just because the mass need electrical power to survive.

In the video, you will see how some Nigerian women summoned courage to confront this Ikeja Electric official who have been extorting them with threat of cutting their wire. These women knew what they went through to survive and also how to manage the little funds that their husbands bring home.

It was recorded that this IE Official have always being collecting two thousand naira from them whenever he comes around with his disconnection team. The last bill given to them was thirty six thousand naira, these hustling families were able to raise twenty thousand naira, with all willingness to pay this money despite the fact that they knew how hard it is to survive, yet this IE Official chose to oppress them again, and that led to the scene of justice move to stop his extortion and oppression over them.

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