Liverpool fan torn to shreds by Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy over claims Reds ‘aren’t a money club’



The Sports Bar and bizarre calls go hand in hand but this one even shocked long-time hosts Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy.

A Liverpool fan, who goes by the name of Tony Tempah (probably no relation to Tinie), made quite the claim about his club.

The Reds are one of the biggest sides in the world but Tony insisted they ‘aren’t a money club’.

Tony thinks this even though liverpool spent big on the likes of alisson becker and virgil van dijk in recent years
Getty image – getty tony thinks this even though liverpool spent big on the likes of alisson becker and virgil van dijk in recent years


Tony started by saying: “Liverpool in the ’70s and ’80s weren’t a money club, we’re still not a money club.


“We’ve made our success on good management, good scouting and getting the right players in for the right team. We’ve never been a money club and we’re still not.”


At this point, Jason had to intervene, saying: “Why did Kenny Dalglish sign? You sold Kevin Keegan and got in Dalglish [for a British record fee of £440,000]. That’s a transaction that not too many football clubs could have afforded at that time.”


Make controversial statements on the sports bar at your peril!
Make controversial statements on the sports bar at your peril!


It set off a fairly heated exchange between Tony and Jason…


Tony: That’s got nothing about it! That was about the brain of [then-Liverpool manager] Bob Paisley.

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Jason: Tony, you’ve just said you’re not a money club but when I was growing up, you seemed to sign all the best players, and the best players have never, ever come cheap.


Tony: That’s complete and utter rubbish! Listen, if we got money, it was because we won trophies… we’re not a money club and still aren’t.


Jason then pointed out how Liverpool broke the record fees for a centre-back (£75million for Virgil van Dijk) and a goalkeeper (£67m for Alisson Becker) when signing the duo in 2018.


“We sold Coutinho for £150-odd million,” Tony simply replied.


Andy then stepped in before rattling off the huge fees Liverpool have spent on players in recent years.


Liverpool’s spending in recent years

  • Virgil van Dijk (2018) £75million
  • Alisson Becker (2018) £67m
  • Naby Keita (2017) £53m
  • Mohamed Salah (2017) £38m
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (2017) £40m
  • Andy Carroll (2011) £35m
  • Christian Benteke (2015) £32.5m
  • Sadio Mane (2016) £34m
  • Roberto Firmino (2015) £29m
  • Georginio Wijnaldum (2016) £25m
  • Adam Lallana (2014) £25m

Liverpool held the embarrassing record for becoming the first club to spend £1billion during the Premier League era without winning the title, until they put that right last month.

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Jason was on hand to reminded Tony of that fact and safe to say Tony wasn’t impressed in the slightest.


He said: “Do you know what? Sometimes I ring the show to try and get a decent conversation out of you because you’re the best two presenters on the radio… but, you’ve turned it around tonight, ain’t you?!”


In a not particularly convincing attempt to placate him, Andy and Jason reminded Tony of his earlier claim.


“WE’RE NOT A MONEY CLUB,” an irate Tony snapped back.


“We’re not a brand like Man United… we don’t BUY success, we’ve never bought success. We’ve had success from good management, good scouting, a good team and buying the right players, not buying silly players.”


Tony raised the point of how Andy’s club, Man United, have spent huge amounts of money over the years, the caller labelling the Red Devils’ transfer policy as ‘disgusting’ at one point.


However, Andy pointed out United have had a return of 13 Premier League titles, while Liverpool have only won one.


And just when it looked like Tony was going to admit defeat, he said: “You’re talking GARBAGE.”

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