Life protectors become lives predators.


It is so unfortunate that the security agencies who were given the task to protect lives and properties, are the same taking lives and hijacking properties illegally.

This country entrusted the lives and properties of its citizens into your hands but you end up becoming a bad egg and an horse of discord to this nation.

Police and the FSARS (Federal and State Anti-robbery Squad) who ought to save and protect lives of the citizens, are now the ones killing the innocent citizens, all because of their greed and heartless love for money and bribery.

Screenshot 20201005 085630 247x300 1 life protectors become lives predators.

The best at which our so-called law enforcers could be are nothing but sycophants of the tyrants who called themselves the government and political godfathers who use them as errand dogs for their evil deeds.

Imagine group of police officers under the Igbogbo Division Police Patrol killed a vibrant young citizen of this country, a man with so many dreams and vision, just because they wanted to collect motorcycle from the motorcyclist and use that as a means to milk the motorcyclist of money that he doesn’t have, yet when the case was taken before the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, the police denied that they were not the murderer. This is to show the level of devilish and heartless souls that the Nigerian Police Force have.

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The police officers that supposed to be protecting the lives and properties of the citizens are now the one killing young men everywhere just because of the incompetency of the government which we have in Nigeria.

Police crack down on protestors in nigeria life protectors become lives predators.

Also, the popular Nigerian youngster musician, Rena; tweeted few days ago over the newly signed law by the presidency to take away the privacy right of the citizens of this country.

Img 20200928 wa0011 e1601887284985 life protectors become lives predators.

This killings and deprivation of right of the citizens have to stop. Of what benefit is this country called a democratic nation when the people’s lives does not matter to the government?

Police and FSARS are doing no other thing but killing people everywhere. They are oppressing citizens and taking lives because they of the power given to them by that uniform they wear.







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