Is “red thigh” a problem?


So, I was trawling the internet as usual. I found a tale on this popular forum. It was talking about women of red thighs. A colloquial term that refers to a breed of women who carry a curse.

Women of ‘red thighs’ were feared like leprosy and avoided like plague. These women were said to be born with a curse and were bound to cause unbearable misfortunes to men who married them.

The women are referred to as ‘femme fatales’. Sadly, they are not tied to a particular country or state.

Cambridge dictionary defines them as women who are very attractive in a mysterious way, usually leading men into danger or causing their destruction.

These women are single because no man wants to marry any of them. Those men who dare bisect, they either run mad or die. Folklore has it that these alleged ‘sexual vampires’, despite being very beautiful and charming, are dogged with a ‘curse’ of sorts.

They have a jinxed background, and it’s believed any man who marries or sires children with them dies mysteriously or tragically.

These women are sweet, they are beautiful as well as intelligent…no theory has ever disputed this. But there is one thing I think you have never been told…don’t sleep with a woman with red thighs.

According to previous tragic occurrences, men slept with these rare women die died and got buried. There are several case studies to prove this. It’s believed that these women are a bad omen and their thighs should never be close to a man’s manpower.

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If you marry and have a baby with them, you die. If you marry a woman with red thighs, you will die if she delivers your baby.

They are very beautiful women. Sometimes light-skinned. If a man has sex with her and she conceives, the man dies under mysterious circumstances. Either through an unforeseen ailment or an accident. The women are known as ‘aka a ciero nduune’ loosely translated to; women of red thighs.

Unfortunately, a man can never know if a woman has a red thigh since it is neither a colour nor a genetic condition.

A tale was told of a Kenyan woman who has been married to more than three men in a span of fewer than 10 years. All the men have since, died. One fell ill and passed on as did the next. The third one was involved in an accident and lost his jaw. He later succumbed to an infection of the same.

The red thigh symbolizes danger. It is a taboo to marry such women as their clan is cursed and any union with them portends no good.

They exist in a family that carries the curse, from generation to generation. Another tale speaks of a woman in Dohholm who reveals to men that she is a red-thigh after conceiving. She then demands KSh 100,000 to procure an abortion. KSh 100, 000 is not a lot of money for choosing to live.

Women of red-thighs are also in Meru community and carry the curse which makes them un-wifable.

A woman who has a red-thigh will kill 9 husbands in her lifetime. The tenth husband will survive and the curse will be broken but it will be rubbed off on her kids who will carry it to the next generation.

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It was initially given prominence by the Concubine a Nigerian novel that spoke of a woman, Ihuoma, who carried curse and killed many men in her lifetime.

However, before that, how do you know that a woman has a red thigh? Well, the elders say that it is very hard. Nevertheless, they say that these women have a red spot on the inner thighs or their private parts. That said, here is why these women were avoided in by the community:

It was believed that any man who cohabited or married any of these women was bound to die through a mysterious disease or accident. The woman was said to at least ‘kill’ four men before she could ‘settle’ down. Mind you if you were among the four.

They are believed to be sexual vampires.

During sexual intercourse, these women are said to drain energy from the male partner which makes him weak leading to a mysterious ailment and eventually, death.

They are said to pass over the curse to their children which subjects them to the same misfortunes. In short, the whole lineage emanating from this woman is ‘cursed’.

To conclude, it is not scientifically proven whether the things said about these women are true or not. For now, one can only decide to believe or trash the whole thing.

And Also remember that fornication is a sin against God almighty flee from it, s*x is met for married people if you are not Married run away from intercourse.



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