How did APC get over 12,000 votes in Lagos when people refused to step out to vote.


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared Femi Saheed of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of Saturday’s by-election for Kosofe constituency 2 of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Iyinola Oni, INEC Local Government Collation Officer for the by-election in Kosofe, declared the result at the collation centre in Agidi Comprehensive School, Agbonyi-Ketu at 5.35 a.m. on Sunday.

According to Mr Oni of the Department of Geography, University of Lagos, the APC candidate polled 12,494 votes to beat his closest rival, Sikiru Alebiosu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who got 2,068 votes.

He said that AA got 31, votes, ADC, 90 votes, AAC 97, LP 21, NNPP 14 and NRM 8 out of the 15,124 total votes cast in the state constituency by-election.

The winner, Femi Saheed, told NAN after he was declared the winner that he would ensure good representation to his people, but the question is this; “where did APC get those over 12,000 votes from?”

A correspondence for an online television station was present at Ketu yesterday between the voting hours to survey all polish units and it was so empty as people never stepped their feet at the poling units.

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Also, around the hour of 3:00pm, the same online who have another correspondence came to Ikorodu for survey too, gave the account that from Agric to Asolo last bus stop, all poling units was empty as no one came out to vote, despite all the killings in the country, some biased Nigerians who were supporters of these political parties stepped out to vote because they sold their honesty to the incentives that their party used to buy their honesty.

Furthermore, between the hour of 4:15pm yesterday, it was recorded as some hoodlums invaded one of the poling units around the Ayangburen’s palace area to steal ballot box which as qualified as empty because people never turned up for voting, and there was shooting within that location, which even made some passersby run for refuge because of stray bullets.

So, in a situation like this when Nigerians never moved in numbers to the police units to vote, then how did APC got over 12,000 votes in Kosofe alone, which is just a small piece of Lagos?

This should give Nigerians a reason to question INEC on where they got their results from and how they arrived to such numbers when people never supported to go out and vote. And also, APC deserves to be questioned as well, to explain how they arrived to such amount of votes, when people never said “hi” to the poling units.

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