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Google Senior Vice President Claims Apple’s iMessage Lock-in System is Designed to Lure Customers to Switch to iPhones



The majority of iPhone users switch to Apple’s handsets thanks to the existence of iMessage. Unfortunately, the service is unavailable on any other platform, and according to a Google Senior Vice President, Apple uses this lock-in system in place to lure customers into switching from Android smartphones to iPhones.


SVP Accuses Apple of Not Accepting the RCS Standard as It Wants to Keep Its iMessage Lock-in System in Place

Hiroshi Lockheimer believes that Apple’s iMessage lock-in system is a well-documented strategy that is designed to force customers into switching from Android to iOS. He also quoted a Wall Street Journal article, saying that in iMessage, green texts shown to recipients help them proceed with an iPhone purchase. Apple’s strategy appears to have been a super-successful one amongst teenagers, as a previous survey claimed that a staggering 87 percent of U.S. teenagers own an iPhone.

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The WSJ report also highlights Apple’s color-coded systems as a way of causing teenagers to ridicule those that own Android handsets. In an interview, one of the students was asked if she dated someone that owned an Android smartphone. She responded by saying the following.


“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, his texts are green,’ and my sister literally went ‘Ew, that’s gross.”


Grace Fang, another student hailing from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, says that users do not appear to like green text bubbles but cannot fathom why that is the case.

“I don’t know if it’s Apple propaganda or just like a tribal in-group versus out-group thing going on, but people don’t seem to like green text bubbles that much and seem to have this visceral negative reaction to it.”

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Back in 2013, Apple’s Eddy Cue contemplated bringing iMessage to Android, but the decision was overruled, with former Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phir Schiller, later saying that bringing the service to Android would do more harm than good.


Looking at the interaction between teenagers that own an iPhone and those that do not, do you believe Apple has a deliberate system in place that forces people to switch from Android to iOS to avoid being ridiculed, or do you think there is another reason for this? Tell your thoughts down in the comments.

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