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EasyBuy become Easy threat

EasyBuy threatened Daniel for been a guarantor to their client.

The popular gadget installment company, EasyBuy; which happens to be partners with some gadget sales stores in Nigeria, turns out to send a threat message to an individual who happened to be a guarantor.

Mr Daniel, visual artist was sent a threat message from EasyBuy by 8:48am on Monday 21st September 2020 over the case of a friend/neighbour who was their client with outstanding debt.

It was accounted by Daniel that EasyBuy have called him multiple times over these issue, which they asked him to contact Mr. Matthew Ojo to pay up his debt. He tried to contact Mr. Matthew but all yo no avail, which was suggested to maybe his phone is missing or stolen.

With all strength trying to reach out to Mr. Matthew, yet EasyBuy had to send a threat message to Daniel through WhatsApp on Monday morning.

Despite the fact that Mr Daniel wasn’t the debtor, and with all his .ight trying to contact the debtor, they still had to send him a threat message like he was the debtor.

We suggest that since they have the details to the debtor, they ought to go find the debtor, not to threaten a guarantor.

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