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Children moved to basement of hospital in Kyiv as shelling continues

Among the patients is a 2-year-old boy who requires dialysis treatment.


While more than 1 million people have fled Ukraine since the invasion of Russian forces, some of the country’s most vulnerable children have stayed behind.

At Ohmadyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, pediatric patients are being cared for in the basement of the hospital.

Among the patients is a young boy named Yarik, who is hospitalized due to fluid in his brain.

Another patient, a young girl named Illiya, who is being treated for heart problems, is held by her father, who told ABC News he is caring for her while his wife and their six other children are hiding near the front lines.

The girl’s father, Valentine, told ABC News’ Ian Pannell the situation is hard, adding, “We do not give up. We fight. We stick to the last because we cannot do otherwise.”

One 2-year-old boy, named David, remains in the hospital because he needs dialysis treatment, while another boy, Vova, 13, was brought to the hospital after being badly injured when his family’s car came under attack, the boys’ families told ABC News.

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Vova’s father and cousin were killed in the attack, and now he is fighting for his life in intensive care, according to his mother.

Source: ABC News

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