Call from our past to reform our future.

Looking at a country like Nigeria, tagged as the “giant of Africa”, it would be advisable if you can ponder on this.

Remember, that back then in the year 1980 Nigeria exchanged eighty kobo to one dollar; but today nigeria exchanges ₦503 to one dollar in the black market.

But some major reasons behind this was captured under literal confidentiality.

We ought not to be surprised in times like this, we were really far more productive in 1980 than we are as at today.

In 1980 the key reasons for economic growth were are as follows:

We were once the net exporter of refined petroleum products, starting from the main natural resource which is “crude oil”; but today, we are left to no option but to import all our refined petroleum products. Is this worth our title as the giant of Africa?

In this country, we once rode in locally assembled cars, buses and trucks such as Peugeot cars in Kaduna, Volkswagen cars in Lagos, Volvo and other old wagon, Leyland in Ibadan and ANAMCO in Enugu produced our buses and trucks; Steyr at Bauchi were producing our Agricultural tractors. To be honest, we don’t only assemble these vehicles, but we were also producing many of their components as well.

Vono products in Lagos were producing the upholstery of these vehicles and trucks. Exide in Ibadan were producing the batteries, not just for Nigeria alone, but for the entire countries in the West African Coast.

Isoglass and TSG in Ibadan were producing the windshields of the vehicles and trucks. Ferodo in Ibadan were producing the brake pads and discs of these vehicles.

Tyres were produced by Dunlop in Lagos and Mitchelin in Portharcourt. And during this time, we are talking about tyres which were produced from rubber plantations located in Rivers State.

We were lucky to be listening to Radio and watching the cupboard television sets which were assembled in Ibadan by Sanyo.

We were using refrigerators, freezers and Airconditioners produced by Thermocool.

We were putting on clothes produced from the UNTL textile mills in Kaduna and Chellarams in Lagos. None of all these things ever came from imported cotton but from cotton grown in Nigeria.

Our water were running through pipes which were produced by Kwalipipe in Kano.

Our toilets were fitted with water closer which were produced with pure ceramics at Kano and Abeokuta.

We were cooking with LPG gas stored inside gas cylinders which were produced at the NGC factory at Ibadan.

Our electricity was flowing through cables which were produced by the Nigerian wire and Cable, Ibadan and Kablemetal in Lagos and Portharcourt.

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We had Bata and Lennards which were producing the shoes we were putting on as at those days. Not from imported leathers but out of our very own locally tanned leather at Kaduna.

We were mainly flying our own airways, the Nigeria Airways, which was mostly boarded to most places in the world.

The Airways of Nigeria was about the biggest in Africa at that time.

Most of the food which we ate were being grown or produced right here in Nigeria, not from imported foods.

We were producing all of the above and even much more in the year 1980; but today, we live our lives on importation of almost everything we need.

There lies the source of the terrible exchange rate, which we are experiencing today and everybody reading this has a critical role to play in reversing this very ugly situation.

Is it not enough for us to complain about the exchange rate? Or is it too much for us to point out what others who tend tk be our leaders refused to do? Or even complain over those things which our government failed to do. Here is the key question, “what are we producing or what are we planning to produce in a natural blessed country like Nigeria with so much natural resources?”

Going forward, it’s time to ponder and think of the way forward progressively before it gets too late.

These are great and intentionally hidden things which are beautiful reminder of how greatly blessed this country is.

We have been talking about these problems for ages, yet nothing is been done to make it better, despite all the vain promises disseminated from the lying lips of all the past government, even until this presentation one which is the most incompetent of them all.

The major part of it is that, “what are those suggested solutions that can help us out of this depreciation?”

If a country like Nigeria can have some much good records in the past, and since they claimed to bring civilization and democracy into the picture, instead of the situation to get better, it worsen by the day.

Generally speaking, there is suggested solution to Nigeria’s problems because those who we voted for are all about themselves alone, neither do they care about the people who voted them to power.

Take a look at it, how can insecurity and threat be coming from Boko Haram for years, but the government can’t tackle and overcome these cankerworm of development; yet just within 2 weeks of peaceful protest by the Nigerian youths, military men were deployed to face harmless protestors who were crying for the right of the whole nation, and were killed unjustfully.

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Why would snippers be assigned at the top of Oriental hotel, just to kill innocent and unarmed protestors?

So that means we have snippers in Nigeria, who are good sharp shooters but our government can’t deploy them to go face Boko Haram.

Also, why would the Commissioner of Police tag protest as “violence”, when it was actually a peace civil right practice?

When did cardboard, banners, national flags and bottled water became ammunitions that could make the peaceful protestors become a threat to the country?

Why will people who were exercising their human right with just placards be arrested without a criminal charge or evidence of crime?

Why will the bank account of positive individuals who are taking the front line to say “No” to bad governance be frozen, while the bank account of political thieves be left alone to continue draining the nations wealth and even embezzle the borrowed funds?

When did “End SARS” become AK-50 rifle?

When did “End Bad Governance” become Sub-Machine gun?

When did “Reform Nigeria” become grenades?

And when did “Resign in honor” become dynamite?

How will the souls of the innocent Nigerian youths who were killed at Lekki toll gate and other locations in Nigeria feel when they finally see that our incompetent government used the power of threat to stop us from crying for our rights?

Imagine, if we allow these evil government escape this time and they multiple our tribulations, how disappointed will our children be, as they will be ashamed to have fathers and mothers like us, who started a freedom fight and retreat because of threat from heartless beasts who are covered in human skin?

Nigeria, it’s time to wake up. There is power on togetherness and unity. All those tribal and religious difference must be thrown to help because it is the major problem we are having.

Have you ever asked yourself, that why would Nigeria be colonized, enslaved and given Christianity religion by the same Caucasian slave masters?

Or why is it that the same Caucasian slave masters brought education to us, and that is why even when we study history in school, they don’t explain who we were before they enslaved us and called this part “Nigeria” which was originally called “Niger area” by Flora Shaw, the mistress to Lord Fredrick Lugard.

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