Blasphemy: I Will Not Hesitate To Sign Death Warrant If Yahya Sharif Fails To Appeal, Says Ganduje


Kano State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has said he would not hesitate to sign the death warrant passed on Kano-based singer, Yahya Aminu Sharif if he fails to appeal the judgement.

This was just as governor Ganduje said the state government has accepted the judgment passed on Sharif and is ready to abide by it. However, the Nigerian constitution gives the right of appeal to Shariff.

According to him, Kano-based singer, Yahya Aminu Sharif has a right according to the Nigerian constitution to appeal up to the Supreme Court.

However, if at the end of the day he fails to appeal the judgment, he would not waste a minute to sign the death warrant.

His words: “It is against the Islamic doctrine for any Muslim to blaspheme Prophet Mohammed (PBOH) and I, as a governor, would not fold my arm and act contrary to what Sharia stipulated in that direction.”

He, however, disclosed that if Sharif is appealing, the state government has no right to sign the death warrant.

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He said, “The reason we were here is to discuss the issue of blasphemy which is an issue of ridiculing Prophet Mohammed (PBHO). In accordance with Sharia, whoever blasphemes Prophet Mohammed the judgement is by killing.

“So, I am now telling the people of Kano that the state government will ensure implementation of the judgement passed on the blasphemous, but the rule of law must be followed in accordance to the country’s constitution.

“What it means is that the blasphemous has right to appeal up to Supreme Court within 30 days the judgment has been passed. Therefore, he can appeal. But if he fails to appeal at the stipulated time and the paper is brought to me for signing, I will not, therefore, hesitate or waste a second to sign the death warrant because he has been given the necessary right of appealing the judgment passed on him.”



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