Beauty is not excempted from the Northerners.


In terms of marriage, one usually pray to God to offer him a virtuous wife. A woman capable of looking after him during his vintage age. However, today we will discussing about Hausa women, The ladies from the northern part of Nigeria and how sweet most of them way could be in marriage. there’s one very person that every Hausa woman possess and that’s faithfulness and decent dressing.

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Dressing decently could be very important for every Hausa woman. It appears more like a tradition to them. And aside from first dress, there are some other characters that Hausa women possessed.

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1. We cook very nice meals.

They said that a way to a mans heart is through his belle, severely when you marry a lady who doesn’t prepare meal properly, then you will realise how bad it could be on your marriage due to the fact you may spend your entire life eating out of doors. however, Hausa ladies have this quality, they are able to cook food very well on, when it comes to husband, their will do whatever to make the meals best for their man. if you give her cash to buy food items, she will add her own money to make the meals delicious.

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2. Proper Satisfaction

Hausa girl will make certain he satisfied his husband in any respect fee, even if she’s now not ready for that, she will nevertheless do it for the sake of her husband happiness. that is uncommon today, i have encountered a few married men who cheated on their spouse due to the fact their spouse usually complained approximately being worn – out at night time or no longer yet inside the temper.

3. Taking Care Of The Whole Family

This is the fundamentals character that hausa women possessed, Hausa lady could do the entirety possible to make sure her husband and kids are looking excellent. She may not spend all she have in taking care of his husband with out relying on his husband alone. This is very rare for you to see in other lady, however Hausa women can make you enjoy these things with ease. And they so gorgeous below are some beautiful pictures of them.

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