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Another war of tribalism in Nigeria

It was a big tribalism war between the Yorubas and Hausas at Igbo Olomu in Ikorodu as they were killing each other.

It was recorded that on October 6th 2020, it all started from just a little misunderstanding between a Yoruba land seller who boarded the motorcycle of an Hausa rider but while trying to use his hooliganism power over the Hausa rider and was trying not to pay for the motorcycle fair, the Hausa rider took up the higher tone and insisted that the Yoruba land seller (known as Omo Onile) also stood on his ground that because Igbo Olomu is a land of the Yorubas, he will take that advantage, then the Hausa rider brought up the old anger of the clash between the Yorubas and the Hausas then the argument escalated into a fight.

Still thinking that it is just a small argument, nit until weapons was drawn and was killing began. The Yorubas around the area of Baale bus stop Igbo Olomu who saw what happened took up the fight and killings escalated more, as the Yorubas began to burn down the Hausa territory around that area, yelling and raging that they don’t want Hausas anymore in their locality.

The area was in total fear and chaos as there was no peace on both side, and the residents of Igbo Olomu were living in fear of not being attacked and killed by the Hausas when they are relaxed, unguarded and sleeping.

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It was recorded that the Nigerian Army and RRS (Rapid Response Squad) trooped into the area to take charge of the peace of the environment. Even until this day, the residents of Igbo Olomu are still not at peace to relax because the Hausas are up to no other thing but chaos and catastrophic acts since they are not residents of the area but just sojourners in the area, so they don’t mind ruining the lives of the people who have their families and children in the environ.

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