Al-Mustapha reveals the only breakage of Nigeria

Hamza Al-Mustapha, a former Chief Security Officer to late military president of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha, has advised Nigerians not to allow politicians to decide the restructuring of the country.

Being a retired Nigerian Army Major, he accounted that allowing the politicians to restructure Nigeria would be riskly dangerous and this act will break the Africa’s biggest nation.

Al-Mustapha gave this warning in an interview with Sunday Tribune News firm.

He made mentioned on the interview that citizens were toying with this issue by allowing the political elite to take the front seat in the agitation for Nigeria’s realignment.

Al-Mustapha called “restructuring” as one of the most fundamental giant strides.

“We should gear up for it, but we are playing with it. People in the North and in the South are playing with restructuring. If we have to talk about issues that have to do with the future of this country, we should be talking with knowledge.” says Al-Mustapha

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Al-Mustapha also said that many Nigerians who are talking about it, they have different reasons in the real sense.

“Leaving responsibilities for restructuring your country in the hands of political elite alone is the most dangerous thing you can do to the country because their differences will break your country”, he said

The former military officer buttressed his point further that re-organization must be all-inclusive, not the type against mutual respect or patriotism.

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