A 13-year old girl stripped naked on the street by her own mother.


It was heartbreaking as a 13-year old girl was striped naked on the street in the broad daylight for reason untold.

The woman who stripped this young girl naked was at first assumed to be maybe her aunt, but after furthering investigations, it was shocking to know that she is the biological mother to the girl.

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It was shocking as this woman was questioned to tell her reason for doing this to her own daughter, and she couldn’t give a tangible response to this.

It was accounted by the residents of their community that this has been how she do maltreat this young girl by beating her almost all the time, and they just can’t find the fault of the young girl every time she gets a package of beating from this woman.

It was furthered, that this woman and the girl needed help, simply because this woman is a single mother to two children without help from anyone and also she is jobless.

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According to this woman, she accounted that she have being the only one training this children for years, as she have separated from their father and haven’t heard from him for over six years and still counting.

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She made her point that the I’ll treatment and hardship in the marriage made her opt out, in which she is trying to be the best mother to her children, but frustration of life changed her to become a villain to her own daughter.

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According to her, she said that she has tried her best to train this children well, but she felt unappreciated by her older daughter, who is being driven by the spirit of adolescence to constantly resist discipline.

This act got the woman frustrated, that how could the same child that she is struggling hard to take care of and train single-handedly and without the help of anyone, including their biological father.

While at the court, this woman accepted her fault and take the charge of being guilty for this, but made it known that her actions are based on the anger and frustration of struggling to raise her children but she is not being respected and appreciated by her own daughter.

She also added that her eldest child do steal her money, even from the little savings that she trying to put together, aside from the funds she spends for their upkeep; and that her 13-year old daughter do bedwet as well.

This woman pleaded guilty of all the charges laid against her, in which her judgment was meant to be three years imprisonment or a fine; but the court had to look deeper into their situation and set her free.

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The court made it known that their reason for setting her free was because she is a first time offender, and also she is the only hope of survival to these girl and her younger sibling, as they would even get worse and wayward when there is no parental control over them if their mother was imprisoned.

With this situation, this is a lesson to some parents that even though these children might be annoying at some point, they need to be patient in dealing with them.

Furthermore, even though the economy of the country is enough frustration to make anyone get upset without a reason, but it is advised that parents learn to absorb the lashes from the hardship of life, which is mostly given to the grown up ones, as they take the front line to bear the pain on behalf of the younger ones coming behind.

Also, even the scriptures made it clear that parent should not provoke their children to wrath; but on the other hand, this should not give the children or younger ones the edge to disrespect or disregard those elders who are taking the whoop of hardship for their sake.



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