7 amazing reasons you should drink lemon water every morning.


How you start your day matters a lot and a good morning routine, right after you wake up can be a deciding factor of how will your day go. If you are so keen on staying and fit and healthy, consider these reasons why you should drink lemon water every day:

1. Boost Energy
Drinking lemon juice is a natural way to kick start your day. Water and freshly squeezed lime is one of the most effective energy booster drinks.

2. Promotes Healthy and Rejuvenated Skin
As stated early on, lemon contains ascorbic acid which helps to create younger-looking and firm skin. Also, it removes dark spots, and its bleaching constituents repair uneven skin.

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3. Improves Digestion
Lemon water essentially contains water. That is 90% of the constituents is water and drinking anything with water helps flush out toxins from the body and keeping it hydrated. The critic acids contain in lemon helps indigestion.

4. Boost Immune System
Lemon contains Vitamin Cand helps the immune system which helps in combatting colds and flu. Drinking lemon water also helps in maintaining the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body.

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5. Reduce Inflammation
Inflammation occurs when there is a high level of acid in the body. When this happens, the affected body part becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and painful. Uric acid mainly causes joint Inflammation in the joints. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis reduces the level of acid in the body.

6. Anti-Cancer
Lemon peels are an alternative for cancer treatment and also helps improves your bone health.

7. Weight Loss Aid
For those of you who are looking at shedding off a few pounds, lemon water is a safe bet. Add lemon to warm water and add three teaspoons of honey and thank me later.



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