Soldiers became moral discipline officers


It was an ugly saturday aa a soldier, whose identity was withheld, on Saturday December 5, 2020, was found assaulting a young lady whom he allegedly accused was dressed in an indecent manner.Soldier soldiers became moral discipline officers

This incident happened between the hour of 9:45am to 9:57am at Oju-Ore in the Ota, Ogun State.

The victim was clothed in a pair of shorts and a white knitted coverup. She was found trekking by the road side when she was pulled over and assaulted.

According to an eyewitness, who accounted that the soldier was riding in a commercial bus, when he saw the lady, alighted from the bus and pounced on the young lady, without any form of disagreement or provoked encounter.

The eyewitnesses also reported that he slapped the young lady repeatedly and when the shocked lady attempted to run away from the sudden assault, he pulled her back violently with her long braided long hair, made with black fiber attachment.

The soldier was caught on video pulling off the young lady’s blouse with the intention to also take off her bra, before passersby intervened to the scene.

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They begged him repeatedly before he could let go of this innocent lady.

After the scene he created in abusing the innocent lady who was walking on the road without any form of attack to get such ill treatment, then he joined the same commercial bus which he was riding in and the driver drove off from the scene.

All efforts to reach the spokesman for 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, Major Olaniyi Osoba, to report this unlawful and abuse of power act by this soldier proved abortive on Saturday as his mobile number was switched off as of the time when the eyewitnesses were intending to file and follow this report.

Last month, it was also repoeted that some soldiers were deployed into the streets of Beere in Ibadan, Oyo State, with the assignment to curb the #EndSARS protests, but were also filmed in the act as they found flogging a woman for what they termed as ‘indecent dressing’.

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Human Rights group, Amnesty International, has has enough filed complaints about how the Nigerian military are committing several acts of abuse of power, which some of these mean acts includes whipping, forced haircuts, and at some point extrajudicial killings, which was actually normal the legal assignment given to the Nigeria Army.



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