15 things women love but won’t tell you


Aside from the money that we men claim females adore, there are a few things that they adore that most of us are unaware of.

Sometimes, despite being one of the most important aspects to consider, it is not the money that keeps a relationship going for a long time. If money is all that matters to women, why do wealthy men divorce more frequently than poor men? This has led me to believe that there are some things they genuinely enjoy.

A person who is capable of doing these things to them will find it easy to win their heart.

Pay attention to these 15 things that women care about that you may not be aware of.

1. Spend a significant amount of time with them. If you’re not too busy, don’t hesitate to spend time with your girl; she’ll adore it.

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2. Call them frequently.

Women adore it when they are frequently called by their partners.


3. Bring her close and make contact with her waist.

Women enjoy it when you draw them in and make contact with their waist.


4. Keep your hands on her while you’re out in public.

They enjoy it when you make eye contact with them while out in public. Your girlfriend wants you to hold hands with her, put your hands on her shoulders, and so on while in public.

5. Always be there when she wants you.

Women adore it when a man is always there when they need him. In certain circumstances, it’s more important than money.


6. Communicate with her openly and honestly.

It is adored by women when a man is straightforward.


7. Go on a date with her.

Women enjoy it when they are taken out on a date.

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8. Buy her surprise gifts

9. In front of others, make her feel cherished and special.


10. She wants you to share your secrets with her.

11. Give her a big hug whenever she needs it.

12. Caress her hair and kiss her.

14. Pay attention to her.

Women adore it when someone pays extra attention to them.


15. Tell her you love her all the time.

It isn’t always merely money that females like; there are other considerations as well.


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